Kids’ Outdoors

Kids and gardens go together- Children are natural tenders & delightful foragers.  Below are a couple of worksheets we’ve designed to get a “garden imagination” started.

Smelly Plants Learning- Calendula & More

Girl with Calendula

Many plants have a smell- crush a leaf of mint or basil and the scent fills us up with goodness.  Plants have smells for reasons- to attract beneficial attention from bugs, people & other plants- & to repel other bugs- ie protection.  The smell comes from the essential oils within the plant & is part of the plants power and gifts to us.

 Bees love Flowers

Borage and Bees

This picture is of Borage flowers.  It is a favourite of bees because it is full of nectar for them to collect.  Bees have favourite nectar & pollen flowers…they need both to stay healthy.  Planting bee friendly flowers helps the bees have food & keeps them strong.  We need bees to pollinate our own food crops, not to mention many of us like honey!
You are welcome to share this garden inspiration.