Aside from being a fantastic bug repellent and bite soother

Goodbye Sandfly is

also a playground for natural intelligence and wellness

Our digital magazine is called It’s Not about the Bugs (iNAB). It is a broad survey of living a life that is healthier, richer and more generous than ever. It gives you fuel for your own sunrise self.

Becky Cashman

Goodbye Sandfly owner and 2am creative crazy woman, Becky Cashman is a regular contributor to her own magazine It’s Not about the Bugs, as well as high impact sites It’s All about Women and Holistic Moms Network. She just been invited to be a contributor to The Natural Parent.

“Why do I create? Because I love. And I believe in you. I’m giving you permission to have a good time taking good care of yourself. Which in turn, will reflect as you taking good care of the people around you. Pull up a blue sky, and come join me.”

What is natural living?

First, it is understanding that you have the power to make positive changes that will have a big impact on you and your family. And then it’s the doing, which brings joy.

Why care?

To learn more about the story of this magazine, have a look at our Last Child page.  Last Child sounds vaguely chilling doesn’t it?  It’s only chilling if none of us of remembers why spending time outside is more than a bonus in our lives, it is fundamental.  What is there to be discovered?  Nothing less than our own amazing hearts!

What others are saying about living a more natural life:

“Natural products are user friendly (no lingering chemical smells) and are better for our environment. I aim to eat as much naturally grown food as I can and also use only natural products for cleaning etc, and make up my own as well. This is to reduce the amount of toxins I ingest in all aspects of my life.”    Donna, Jacksons, NZ

“It’s better for my families health, it’s better for my families mind, and it’s better for our planet.”    Angelique, Auckland, NZ

“When I see the word ‘natural’ I like to think that the products are ‘from nature’. I hate reading a ‘natural label’ only to see it still littered with so many ‘unnatural’ items.”    Sheryll-Lee, Auckland, NZ

I have begun the journey, discovering better foods, medicines, etc. Living smaller and lighter on the planet.”    Brett, Waimairi Beach, NZ

I look forward to learning about living a more natural life together.  To the discovery of joy & wonder (sometimes hidden, but always there) in each day. You are welcome here, Pine Cone, Becky

p.s. If the natural living thing is just not for you, but you do want to learn more about sandflies and sandfly repellents and bite soothers, head on over to the products side of our business. We also offer access to our 12 page PDF Sandfly Report with each purchase OR when you add your name and e-mail at the top of the page.