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Goodbye Sandfly is also a natural bug repellent & bite soother based in New Zealand.  It is the #1 selling natural repellent there.  To access information about the repellent, bugs & resources for having a great time even WITH the bugs,

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We’ve been publishing about natural living for 3 years now.  It is a broad survey of living a life that is healthier, richer and generous. It gives you fuel for dealing with a life that has tricked you into believing “tech” saves time.

Becky Cashman

Goodbye Sandfly creator and owner Becky Cashman is a regular contributor to her own magazine It’s Not about the Bugs, as well as high impact sites It’s All about Women and Holistic Moms Network. She also writes for  The Natural Parent, which makes her smile.

What others are saying about living a more natural life:

“It’s better for my families health, it’s better for my families mind, and it’s better for our planet.”    Angelique, Auckland, NZ

I have begun the journey, discovering better foods, medicines, etc. Living smaller and lighter on the planet.”    Brett, Waimairi Beach, NZ

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p.s. If the natural living thing is just not for you, but you do want to learn more about sandflies and sandfly repellents and bite soothers, head on over to the products side of our business. We also offer access to our 12 page PDF Sandfly Report with each purchase OR when you add your name and e-mail at the top of the page.